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Boosting Our Kids with Elite School Techniques

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A Cool Discovery: As I was planning one of our  leadership lessons, a thought popped up: “What are those fancy, affluent, elite schools teaching that our public schools might not?”

I took a deep dive into schools like Lawrenceville. What I found was super interesting! Their high school classes feel like what most of us saw in college.

Just like when you enter college and get a big list of classes to choose from, Lawrenceville has something similar for their high schoolers. This kind of learning can really help when it’s time to apply for great colleges. If you’re curious, I’ve attached their 2023-2024 course catalog.

But Why Is This Big News for Us? Every child, no matter where they study, deserves the best learning. Even if we can’t all go to fancy schools, we can still learn their best tricks! Hive Martial Arts wants to help with that.

In our next few emails, you’ll find fun family activities, cool research projects, and ways to think smarter – all inspired by these top-notch schools. Our goal? To give our kids a little extra edge in their learning journey.

Together, we can make learning even more awesome!

We’ll begin delving into these skills over the next few Blog Posts, so make sure to come back and practice these skills at home!

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