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Building Critical Thinking with Kids

We’re back with more skills to help your child develop leadership and character skills that lead a life of fulfilllment, success, and opportunity. Let’s dive in!

Critical thinking is like a superpower for the brain. It’s not just about knowing things but understanding and questioning them. Ready to start this brain-boosting journey with your kiddo? Let’s dive in!

Picking a Cool Topic

Every great thinker needs an exciting topic. Here are three to get started:

  • History of Modern Karate: How has karate changed over time?
  • Galaxies Far, Far Away: What makes each galaxy unique?
  • The Art of Renaissance: Why was this time so special for art and artists?

If you chose to research the Pyramids or Deep Sea life from the previous email, expand on those topics. If you want to learn something different, we’ve included galaxies and Renaissance era art.

Ask the Right Questions

To think deeply, we must ask deeper questions. Here are some starters:

  • What? (What is the main idea of the topic?
  • Why? (Why did something happen or why is it important?
  • How? (How does it work or how did it change

Dive into Research and Think Critically

For each topic:


  • Discover its beginnings.
  • Ask: “Why did people start practicing karate? Was it for sport, defense, or discipline?”
  • Compare ancient karate to modern forms. What’s different? Why?


  • Learn about different types of galaxies.
  • Ask: “Why do galaxies have different shapes?”
  • Think about our galaxy, the Milky Way. How is it special?

Renaissance Art:

  • Explore famous artists and artworks.
  • Ask: “Why were there so many great artists during this time?”
  • Discuss how art from the Renaissance might be different from art today.

Challenge Assumptions

Encourage your child to think beyond the obvious.

Example: If they say, “Karate is just for fighting,” ask them, “Is it? What about discipline, fitness, or self-confidence?”

Discuss and Reflect
After researching:

  • Share Findings: Let your child explain what they’ve discovered.
  • Play Devil’s Advocate: Gently challenge their conclusions to make them think deeper. “But what if…?”
  • Connect to Real Life: “How does knowing about galaxies change how you look at the night sky?”

Hands-On Activities to Deepen Understanding

Learning by doing can sharpen critical thinking:

  • Karate: Attend a class. Discuss how the moves make them feel and what they think each move achieves.
  • Galaxies: Star-gazing night! Use a telescope or just lie on the grass. Discuss the vastness and variety of space.
  • Renaissance Art: Visit a museum or do an art project. Talk about how colors and styles evoke different emotions.

Critical thinking is like a muscle. The more we use it, the stronger it gets. By exploring and questioning the world together, you’re not just teaching facts; you’re shaping thinkers. Keep asking, exploring, and wondering!

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