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About Us

About Our School

Welcome to our Hive Martial Arts website. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family. Our martial arts instructors are standing by to help you get started with your first free class. Hive Martial Arts is located on the border of Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis, about a mile north of the U of M. Hive Martial Arts offers pre-school karate classes for your 4-6 year old, Kids Martial Arts & Family martial arts for ages 7+, and Teen and Adult classes for ages 13+. Hive Martial Arts founder and 4th Degree Black Belt, Mr. Aaron Pallesen, opened the first Hive Martial Arts location in May 2014. We’ve proudly served our community through our commitment to offering FUN, ENGAGING classes that build good character traits while emphasizing proper martial arts technique. We proudly partner with Northeast Meals on Wheels, helped with cleanup efforts after protests and riots, and host yearly donation drives for food and winter clothes for those in need. We have become a city wide Partner In Education within the public school system offering after school programming and “PE Teacher for a Day”.

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Mr. Aaron Pallesen began his martial arts journey at 9 years old after his parents enrolled him into his first Shotokan Karate class. 25 years later Mr. Pallesen has had the opportunity to compete and train with some of the worlds top sport karate competitors, world champion kickboxers, and world champion Muay Thai fighters.

“Had my parents not given me the chance to start karate as a kid, I wouldn’t be here today. Martial Arts gave me the chance to develop real, lasting confidence and an outlet through which to learn more self-discipline, especially struggling with ADHD most of my life. Martial Arts gave me a positive outlet to get rid of that energy, taught me to have the confidence to walk away from a fight, and taught me how to focus my energy into a single task, rather than letting my mind wander.”

Since 2014, Hive Martial Arts has been dedicated to passing along these life skills through quality martial arts, leadership training, and a successful character development program.

Why Choose Hive Martial Arts?

Knowledgeable, Passionate Instructors

All of your instructors are Hive Martial Arts black belts. This means you’ll experience the same passion, excitement, and expertise regardless of who is teaching your class. Our instructors truly care about your experience, passing on their knowledge, and helping you face and exceed new challenges.

A Great Community

It takes the right people to build an amazing community. Our culture teaches support, comradery, and working toward “being our best selves”. We work together to lift each other up, hold each other to high standards, and build respect for ourselves and others. Families that train together are families that want to experience getting their black belts together. Parent’s whose children train here are supportive and kind. Our adults and teens know how to work hard in class, don’t mind a little sweat, and like to have fun.

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  • My son has been a member of Hive Martial Arts for almost a year and the experience has been excellent. The instructors and support staff are inspiring, engaging, firm, and even entertaining - perfect for keeping young people engaged as they rigorously work their bodies. The lessons incorporate not only physical skills but mental skills and awareness. I highly recommend Hive Martial Arts.

  • My Daughter has been learning karate through Hive for over 7 years. The instructors are awesome and so thoughtful. They really know how to individually motivate each kid. Their dedication to quality, both in teaching and in how much they care for and respect the art of karate, is inspiring. We couldn't imagine sending our daughter anywhere else!

  • Incredible teachers, providing superb Karate and guidance for the students. Hive teaches valuable leadership skills and lessons on self awareness and self discipline.

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