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About Our Business

Welcome to the hivemartialarts.com website! You have found the right place for you and your family to start or continue martial arts. Hive Martial Arts offers classes for Lil Ninjas (Ages 4-6), Youth Karate (elementary age children) as well as classes for teens and adults. The programs include beginner martial arts, kids karate, advanced Black Belt classes, leadership training, and instructor certification.

Our Kids Karate programs (Lil Ninjas, and Youth Karate) are taught age appropriate curriculum to help build self-confidence, improve self-discipline, focus & listening skills, and, of course, how to be safe from bullying and other dangers kids face.

Hive Martial Arts instructors are taught by professional, full-time instructors who are background checked and trained for thousands of hours during the course of their instructor certification.

Adults and teens often have weight-loss goals, cross-train for other sports or hobbies, and practical, real-world, self defense.

Hive Martial Arts is located in SE Minneapolis, with easy access from 280 and 35W.

Instructor/Owner Aaron Pallesen

Hive Martial Arts Academy was founded by Master Instructor Aaron Pallesen and Head Instructor Gerald Froemming.

Mr. Aaron Pallesen began his martial arts training in 1996 in traditional karate, after years of watching Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris movies with his father. Upon moving to Minneapolis, Mr. Pallesen continued his training through college and was quickly promoted to School Director where he met Mr. Gerald Froemming.

Mr. Froemming began his martial arts training at the age of 17 while stationed in Korea. After finishing his deployment, Mr. Froemming moved to Arizona where earned his teaching certification under American Kenpo founder, Grand Master Ed Parker.

In 2014 the two opened Hive Martial Arts in NE Minneapolis with the goal of bringing a professional martial arts academy to the Metro area.

Since then, Hive Martial Arts has worked with 1000s of students, dozens of schools, and has helped raised $1000's of dollars in relief for local nonprofits as a way to promote community leadership.

Mr. Pallesen received his 3rd Degree Black Belt under Grand Master J Pat Burleson, considered by many as the "Founder of American Karate" and currently holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt under Master Instructor Nathan Thorn - GM Burleson's direct liaison to Minnesota.

Why Choose Hive Martial Arts?

Knowledgeable, Passionate Instructors

All of your instructors are Hive Martial Arts black belts. This means you’ll experience the same passion, excitement, and expertise regardless of who is teaching your class. Our instructors truly care about your experience, passing on their knowledge, and helping you face and exceed new challenges.

A Great Community

It takes the right people to build an amazing community. Our culture teaches support, comradery, and working toward “being our best selves”. We work together to lift each other up, hold each other to high standards, and build respect for ourselves and others. Families that train together are families that want to experience getting their black belts together. Parent’s whose children train here are supportive and kind. Our adults and teens know how to work hard in class, don’t mind a little sweat, and like to have fun.

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members Say About Our Programs

Miranda Durant

We joined Hive early last Fall and our son absolutely loves it! He's gained martial arts skills and valuable character building skills such as focus, respect and setting/achieving goals. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and flexible which has been especially helpful during Covid. It's highly professional and has been a positive experience all around. Check them out!

Daniel Watson

My Daughter has been learning karate through Hive for over 7 years. The instructors are awesome and so thoughtful. They really know how to individually motivate each kid. Their dedication to quality, both in teaching and in how much they care for and respect the art of karate, is inspiring. We couldn't imagine sending our daughter anywhere else!

Chelsea Hall

I am highly impressed with Hive Martial Arts. The Sinai’s are really good with teaching the kids discipline, as well as guiding the parents to uphold discipline in the house hold. I’ve learned some really good parenting skills by watching these classes, while my child attends. Great Karate class!