Kids Martial Arts Classes


Does your child need help with self-discipline and focus?

The Lil Ninjas Program teaches kids how to be focused in a fun, educational atmosphere

The Li’l Ninjas children’s martial arts class caters to kids interested in karate, tae kwon do, or other martial arts while teaching them basic martial arts skills with an emphasis on focus, respect, listening, discipline, and confidence.

This program has it’s own belt system that help prepare students for the Youth Martial Arts program when they turn 7.

What’s it all about?

At Hive Martial Arts we teach children basic tools to help them learn martial arts when they get older, and the benefits of life skills. We plan our curriculum each week to include a theme that not only helps students develop their basic martial arts, but really hones in on the skills they will need for life.

Each week our drills, games, and activities are coordinated to help students earn curriculum strips & earn their next belt rank. This helps develop habits of focus, listening, and self discipline while they get better at their martial arts. Some drills will combine listening and coordination or strength, while others might enhance focus and memory.

We’ve developed 100’s of drills that help make each class unique, engage the class, and keep things fun (because that’s how children learn best!) Through top-level curriculum and individualized teaching, students gain valuable life skills that follow them into a successful adulthood. They’ll learn how to set goals for themselves while building confidence, self-discipline and respect.

Our Approach:

Did you know that children learn best when they have fun?

When your child finds joy and excitement in something, they learn better and retain more.

But, playing games for the sake of playing games isn’t enough. If there’s no structure then martial arts just becomes another activity that takes up time. As a parent, you’re not just looking for something to take up time. You’re looking for something that will help your child develop into the person you want them to be someday – and if it gets them out of the house, more active, and away from the screens, even better!

This balance between discipline & structure while still allowing your kid to be a kid is important to their overall development. When your child enjoys practicing their “karate moves” and life skills, they will engage with more of their senses. This structure will help your child learn that it’s important to show proper respect and discipline, while also teaching them that it’s important to also have fun.

You will see instructors take a unique approach with each student in class.

There are three primary ways children learn – Audibly, visually, and Physically.

Instructors will demonstrate proper techniques to help visual learners, while explaining how to do the technique properly for audible learners. For the physical learners that learn by doing, we take a more hands on approach. This might be making an adjustment to their knee position on a kick, or using teaching aids that will help develop proper technique and muscle memory. By combining all of these senses into a single, fun drill, your child will learn more, and will build habits that help them take this same practice to other aspects of their life.


Does your child need help with overcoming challenges and focusing?

Build Agility, Control, and Resilience to help your child excel

The Kids Karate caters to kids interested in karate, tae kwon do, or other martial arts while teaching them basic martial arts skills with an emphasis on focus, control, coordination, and balance.

What’s it all about?

Kids in this age group have matured a lot when compared to most children in our Lil Ninjas program. But that doesn’t mean your job as a parent has gotten easier. Your child might have attained some degree of emotional control but still have a hard time reacting appropriately when disappointed or upset. Likewise, they might not be willing to accept blame when they do something wrong, and yet be very quick to point the finger at others and tattle.

Since kids this age tend to be intellectually very curious, it’s important to engage them on their level and provide them with continual challenges to keep them interested in what they’re doing. Martial arts instruction is ideal because of its structure of ongoing learning and measurable achievements.

Persistence & Determination

Your child will be challenged through fine tuning their martial arts techniques, while developing persistence and the determination to see their goals through to the end. Because they’re learning new skills, kids may be afraid or give up easily rather than risk failure. Our Kids Karate program will help your child learn to conquer their fears, and persist even when they feel like giving up on a particular challenge or assignment.

We do this by combining positive reinforcement and leading by example and influence. However, sometimes kids in this age group need a “firm hand” as they learn to test boundaries. This means that we combine more discipline while also helping children learn how to improve their actions and their perceptions.

Respect & Self Control

Your child will learn how to disagree politely and to resolve disputes respectfully. Many kids struggle with learning how to express disagreement without being rude or angry. Your child speak up without disrupting others, and to figure out ways to solve disputes or disagreements intelligently and respectfully.

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